30 Rock Season 4(3Dvd)

30 Rock Season 4(3Dvd)


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ack takes steps to stop what he perceives as elitist developments at TGS, which he believes to be detrimental to the show's future in a difficult economic climate. He suggests Jenna change her image by "going country"; and that Tracy reconnects with his roots. In addition, Jack sends Liz on a search for a new actor to join the TGS cast. She recruits Pete to help her look for new talent and the pair keep their search private. Eventually they reveal to the cast and crew they are looking for a new actor; which angers the current cast and crew. Meanwhile, Kenneth and Jack have a dispute over timecards which results in Kenneth accidentally receiving a large bonus check of Jack's instead of his own paycheck. Kenneth grows angry over the bonus and leads a page strike. Jack hires private detective Lenny Wosniak (Steve Buscemi) to try to end the strike, but he fails. Finally, Jack admits to Kenneth that he is a "big ol' liar" and Kenneth ends the strike. The male employees of TGS are angry with Liz for damage done to their personal relationships due to Dealbreakers, an advice book she wrote. Tracy's wife Angie (Sherri Shepherd) kicks him out of the house over things she reads in Liz's book, and he moves in with Liz as revenge. During his stay with Liz, Tracy reads the book in detail and discovers that much of the book was written directly about him. To resolve their conflict, Jack decides that, because Liz ruined Tracy's life with her book, Tracy should be given the right to ruin her life, and he orders Liz to sign over her life rights to Tracy, which she does. She suggests that Tracy make a pornographic film based on her life which he agrees to and decides to move out of Liz's apartment. At the same time, Jack faces Congressional hearings on the microwave industry and is surprised to find Devon Banks (Will Arnett) has begun working for the government. Devon threatens to ruin Jack's career and Jack acts quickly to try to redesign the microwave to make the division profitable again but he abandons the project as a failure. Instead, Jack convinces Devon to give the company bailout money effectively making Devon Jack's boss. 

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