How Art Made the World

How Art Made the World


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The series compelling, informative and moving. The authors and presenter focus on the present with its political and material preoccupations by using a powerful lens from the past. Events as troubling as 9-11 or as profound as our contemplation of death are shown under a new light that leaves one wanting more. There is an unflinching quality to the series - magnified by the seemingly upper class presence of Cambridge professor Dr. Nigel Spivey - that takes for granted the viewer's intelligence, curiosity and willingness to challenge their preconceptions. Best of all, perhaps, the series dares to state not only the historic importance of art in human development, but arts vital role in every aspect of daily life. The series is an example of educational programming of the highest order, dealing with complex subjects in a manner that is both accessible and demanding, inciting the viewer to investigate a wide range of subjects. At that same time, the series never loses sight of its central concern - the joys and sorrows of being human as traced through art in its myriad forms.



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