The Arrivals

The Arrivals


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The well known ‘documentary’ came out in 2008. It was a production by wannabe film maker’s noreagar and archenahr about the coming of the dajjal, the Mahdi and Isa AS (Jesus pbuh). I had watched a few episodes in 2008/09 but stopped watching it because I lost interest. Recently, my sister and cousins had started watching the episodes on YouTube, they couldn’t stop talking about the episodes and soon enough I decided to give it another go, but this time I made sure I watched every part from part 1 to part 50 so that I not only had something to talk about with them, but also because I felt as though by watching this it would open my eyes and increase my knowledge of Islam, something that I was and still am thirsty for, but how wrong I was.

I now realise how watching those episodes on YouTube have done me no good and I feel ashamed to admit that I fell straight into the traps of shaytaan himself. As I was watching the arrivals I knew there was some things wrong with it, for example I know music in Islam is haraam, but I continued to watch assuming the music is just a part of the documentary, a minor issue. Then came the obscene and vulgar images of nudity and images of sexual nature, again I excused it thinking they’re only showing to show why these things are wrong. They said listening to music is wrong because it is a trick of the shaytaan, yet they played music throughout the whole documentary, music which still is stuck in my head taking up space which should be available for the remembrance of Allah. They talked about mind control and in my head I did think a few times maybe this documentary is trying to brainwash me through the music, I even felt like maybe there were subliminal messages within the music they played. But I was addicted I had to keep watching.

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