Dil-e-Muntazir (3 DVD)

Dil-e-Muntazir (3 DVD)


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“Dil e Muztar” is a story about Adeel (Imran Abbas Naqvi) and Sila (Sanam Jung). Adeel lives with his mother (Ismat Zaidi) in the back-house of Sila. Sila lives there with her father Zaman and her stepmother Safina (Saba Hameed). Adeels mother does all the work in Sila's house because it's Sila's dad who has taken care of Adeel and his mother after the death of Adeels father. Sila is in love with Adeel. When Sila's stepmother wants Sila to marry the son of her sister, Sila tells in front of everybody that she only wants to marry Adeel. Her parents don't agree because Adeel isn't rich. Adeel refuses to marry Sila as he suffers from inferiority complex. Sila runs away from home after Adeel refuses to marry her, and Adeel is held responsible. Adeel finds Sila. Sila's parents decide that she has to marry Adeel now, otherwise all kind of rumors about Sila will be spread.. Adeel refuses again but his mother convinces him by saying that it's her only wish. They get married. Adeel doesn't show up at their bedroom for their first night together. The next morning, when he goes to his mother, he finds her dead. He holds Sila and her family responsible for his mothers death. He moves away with Sila.

Initially, he has a very harsh behavior towards her but eventually falls in love with Sila after recognizing her importance in his life .Suddenly, a new girl Zoya (Sarwat Gilani) comes to live in their neighbourhood. They become close friends. Sila gives birth to a boy. Adeel names him Affan. When Adeel becomes jobless, Sila starts working with Ahmer (Aijaz Aslam), a person who took Affan to hospital when he was ill and helped Sila with the medicine bills. Sila requests Ahmer to let her join the office as Adeel has no luck in finding a job. Zoya agrees to take responsibility of Affan while Sila is at work. However Sila’s job creates problems in their marriage, since Adeel is still against the idea of Sila working. At home, Zoya is paying much more attention to Adeel than she is to Affan and on the day of the baby's death Zoya leaves him with her mother. She persuades Adeel to take her shopping whilst he is leaving to collect Affan's blood results. Ultimately, carelessness between the couple results in Affans death and with this tragedy, Sila leaves Adeel and returns to her mothers home.

Meanwhile Zoya is making the most of this opportunity to corner Adeel and get him to marry her. Although Adeel wants to be left on his own, Zoya carries on visiting him. Adeel overhears Zoya's wish to marry him, as she discusses that overtly with her mother. Adeel responds to this by later proposing to Zoya. Meanwhile, Sila at her parents home living with her mother is ready to accept and inherit her late fathers wealth. Sila gives birth to a baby (of Adeel), and she names him Afaan. Sila decides not to tell her only child about his real father.

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